Easter thoughts...

This is the beginning of a long weekend in Lima due to Easter holiday, a lazy time for all, many use the time to travel so the city is empty and I find that so beautiful...

These days I´ve been thinking about my need for self-discipline. It´s not easy now that I´m back to being a freelancer. I need to find my rhythm and structure my days better. One way for me to begin creating a structure for myself is through my website, specially through my blog. So here I go.

I´ve also been reflecting on the aim of my Pharmacy sketchbook; I started it as a way to keep my process in check and also to have everything -all the research part of this series, all my questions and ideas and investigations- in one place. Last night I started a couple of pages on Frida Kahlo and illness. I used to love this artist but the superficial pop culture that grew around her and her own victim hood ended up getting to me to a point where I couldn't stand looking at her work. Working on these pages helped me reconnect with the parts of her work I found value in and many parts of her story resonated with mine. All of this to say this might have not happened if I didn´t do this work in my sketchbook. To me the sketchbook is where everything begins and ends, a portable lab and studio of sorts.

I worked a bit on my pitahaya watercolour today, I tend to abandon what is easy to me, like this watercolour. On the contrary, when I can´t solve something, I can work on it endlessly until I do. Am I only motivated by challenge?

Yesterday was one of those days when everything is difficult; I was in so much pain all I wanted was to take off my body. However, I made an effort and went for a walk fist stopping for ice cream in my neighbourhood bookshop where I also found two books that will be useful for Pharmacy. Browsing through them I decided I need to try an uña de gato decoction soon.

I´m meeting some friends for a picninc in the park this afternoon, o I´m off to get some goodies for that but first, let me introduce you to my new basil plant. I bought a bunch of organic basil in the farmer´s market about three weeks ago and put half of it in water. It has now grown roots and is ready to be planted in dirt. I´ll try some basil tea and some homemade pesto soon!