How to be more disciplined?

I'm the kind of person that does a lot but in small chunks. But I never stop. However, I would get less tired and do better if I were more disciplined and organized. I tend to improv too much because I can but that also leads to a lack of depth. Or so I feel. So this week, after having been immersed in prepping a guided tour and a workshop (more on that later), my goal is to set a structure/acquire a work rhythm. I have too many loose ends, and here are some of them.

I made this drawing from a photo I took of yerbaluisa hanging on my studio wall. I was trying to break the form of the plant a bit but I never continued with it. I did it in my sketchbook but I plan to take it out of there and make a drawing from it this week.

The day I made this I was real happy with the results; I took some failed prints and collaged them. There´s something about collage that feels so right to me, it´s the textures and the layers and the surprises...



I also started this drawing of a graviola leaf on a medicine box. This is a plant that is said to prevent and cure cancer. I really like it too and imagine a whole series of these but haven't finished it and should this week.














This is not a loose end but something that is also taking time and focus away from my exhibition work. These are pieces that are related to my work but I am deliberately making them for sale. they´re watercolours and prints. I love making them and that´s also part of the problem, and they come to me easily, so they can be a great excuse.

I went to the studio today, I took some supplies and just wanted to feel the space and get more used to working there. It takes me a while to warm up to a space for making art. I´ll get there, I know it. And I´ll tie all of these loose ends.