Channeling my inner Matisse...

Henri Matisse is an artist I respect but whose work I've never really connected with. Having said that, I find the pieces featured in this entry very Matisse-like, and friends have also expressed this upon seeing them. I'm really interested in collage, I´m attracted to it on both a physical and aesthetic level. These are works in progress for my upcoming exhibition and I have to say its been a real pleasure working on them.

This is a collage using gelatin prints and different painted papers I make constantly as part of my practice of exploration and experimentation on mark-making. I've made several of these collages, I plan to add an image to each one later on, but I´m not sure if it´ll be a collaged one or a xerox transfer.


This began as my clean up paper when I was making prints using medicinal plants for a craft fair sale. I really like the outcome after numerous juxtaposed prints of (mostly) the negative space of the prints. This was truly a happy accident!


These are two more clean up papers, but unlike the previous one, I made these deliberately and plan to add embroidery to them.