Trying different possibilities with small/intimate pieces...

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Ive been having tons of fun making small collages with different types of painted papers. I find such pleasure in this practice! I took several of these collages which are very small, square in format and rich in terms of colour. They look very 'happy'. At the same time I've been thinking about how one of the things I dislike the most about going to the doctor is the fact that you become just a body that is to be prodded and touched at the doctor´s will. I find this practice demeaning as the patient, and so impersonal. Ihave met very few doctors that see you as a person and not just an illness in a body.

Some time ago I bought an old book for doctors that has numerous images of people being checked by doctors, touched, inspected. They remind me of me when I try to find a ripe avocado in the grocery store.

I decided to try juxtaposing those images with the very colourful and happy collages I had made and really liked the results. I like how the image and collage contradict each other causing tension.

As the collages are so small I thought I could try scanning and enlarging them in an inkjet printer. Even though the colours change or are toned down (in some cases drastically) I think this is effective.

I plan to enlarge them all, see how I feel about them and start trying to visualize these pieces in the gallery space. I think they tell a very personal part of the story I want to tell with this exhibition.