What does disease look like?

I think a lot about disease, bodies, transformation, decay and loss of balance in the body due to illness... Those thoughts took me to try to portray disease without being literal. My first attempt is an improvisation, I have no plan, I make as I go. This does not mean it´s a random piece, it´s a bit like jamming in jazz music, one thing takes me to the next.

I started with a styrofoam print I made thinking of microbes or viruses as seen in a petri dish. I made several prints of it.

I took a print I made on a book page and collaged it onto a print I made with leafs on paper. The colours and the organic materials used to print it seemed likegood choices.


I wanted to sew it onto fabric, I chose a piece of surgical gauze and burlap but the gauze was too white so I decided to dye it with avocado skins, They produce a nice salmon pink tone.

The results were exactly what I wanted.

I stitched the paper to the gauze and the burlap and am now embroidering and adding small pieces of fabric. I don´t have a clear idea of the final results but I´m enjoying the process a lot.